Erik Haguewood • erik (at)



  • Object-oriented Development
  • Linear Development
  • System/Network Administration
  • Database Administration
  • IT Planning
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Full LAMP Stack
  • LAN/WAN Administration
  • Client Support
  • Hardware Maintenance/Troubleshooting
  • Software Maintenance/Troubleshooting
  • VOIP Setup and Maintenance


  • Languages:
    • Pascal
    • Java
    • C
    • HTML
    • PHP
    • CSS
    • Cisco CLI
  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Linux
    • Red Hat
    • Ubuntu
    • Debian
    • CentOS
  • VMWare
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • Email Servers, POP3 and IMAP
  • Apache
  • Microsoft’s IIS
  • TCP/IP, TokenRing Networking


Software developer, programmer, and systems administrator with a 20-year history that includes diverse system management and project development. Career highlights include developing billing, financial, Point-of-Sale (POS), and medical bill auditing systems, including data tracking and reporting.

I am skilled at developing database models with stand-alone and/or web-based front-ends. I pride myself on my ability to meet a challenge, my quick understanding of requirements, my ability to present and develop multiple solutions to complex problems, my precision, and my adaptability to new technologies and protocols as industries, interfaces, and corporations evolve in the ever-changing global market.

I have a proven track record in designing and implementing flexible solutions to support interface and functional evolution.

Expanding on my extensive and deeply-rooted client support roles, I have grown into Client Casework for the American Red Cross.



American Red Cross

Client Casework/DAT Responder/Firedesk Operator (2013-Present)

As a client caseworker, I assist in finding resources and helping people help themselves. When a disaster strikes, I take great pride in being able to hold their hands and give them a direction, I also am able to point them to places that can help them when the Red Cross cannot.

I interact with clients in various stages of difficulties. Sometimes I can help them directly, sometimes, I must refer them to outside sources of assistance.

For now, I really enjoy (I mean, this seriously brings me personal fulfillment) helping people. Sometimes I cannot help them directly, sometimes I can, but I give it everything I have.

This casework is really what I want to do with my life. I want to help people, I THRIVE ON IT.

Highlights of my tenure include:

  • Numerous clients with happy endings

  • I Lead a 3 person team (two inexperienced volunteers and me) in providing assistance to 30+ individuals displaced by an apartment fire. This involved managing my volunteers, providing information to the home office, meeting with fire officials and apartment management, being the single point of contact and person of responsibility for clients and the variety of information. My leadership and inter-personal skills were put on display with this experience.


I am currently developing a time-release safe that is written in Java and uses a MySQL back-end. Other contracts include Website Development and Technical Support.

I have gained familiarity with HTML, CSS, and PHP through WordPress and some Joomla, as well as some hobby work. I have also taught myself (with help from Google) the basics of Android.


Systems/Network Admin

In my sixteen years with Peregrin, I helped develop and grow the technology-side of the business as the company evolved from a small medical billing company into an independent sales organization, and then into an Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) processor for ATMs as well as Point of Sale terminals.

Highlights of my tenure include:

  • Researched, implemented, and maintained all local, industry-wide, federal, and occasionally global regulations for banking, financial, and medical industry standards
  • Developed, planned, and administered all corporate technology concepts for both internal and external clients, adapting to location and industry nuances
  • Developed and designed internal software systems, databases, and security protocols
  • Developed all project plans, quality plans, and systems implementation plans
  • Built and maintained Linux email and MySQL servers that evolved from Red Hat through to Debian and Ubuntu
  • Implemented and collaborated to develop and deliver all IT strategies
  • Performed PCI-DSS audits as well as other industry-required security audits
  • Responsible for all corporate technology


MIS Assistant

My duties included Token ring and Ethernet 10baseT implementation and maintenance; ThickNet and ThinNet networks; maintaining and supporting server operations such as routine backups. As my duties increased, I developed a number of mission-critical systems during my tenure, such as a new, easy-to-use POS system that sold resort products, adding a loyalty-reward program for frequent customers.

Highlights of my position here include:

  • Designed and developed the resort’s Point of Sale system. This was written in Pascal and used a Btrieve backend. Depending on the POS terminal’s configuration, the one application would sell tickets, food, gifts, ski lessons and anything else the resort had to sell.
  • Designed and developed “FrequenSki”, a loyalty program to encourage return visits by rewarding the skier with a free ticket after a number of “Points” were accumulated by buying tickets or food or gifts at the resort.
  • Designed and developed “PermanentTicket”. A program to streamline the guest’s experience. By pre-paying through TicketMaster they skip the long ticket lines. When the arrived, they would go straight to the lifts and their PermanentTicket card would get scanned by an RF barcode scanner.

I can’t publish my phone number on the internet, I am smarter than that, so either use the address above to contact me, or Hit the link below. Thanks for getting this far, whatever happens.

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